What People are Saying About Us


"Without a doubt, we've increased our revenues so dramatically that I can focus on the practice instead of finances...."

"Veritas Medical Billing has proven invaluable in advising us of changes in government and insurance policies that affect my practice. They do all the credentialing, cross-reference our schedules with our dictation so no billing is missed, code our office and hospital work, and provide us with current industry information. .."

"Since starting a private practice, I use their auditing services, which have helped me improve my record keeping. They keep my credentialing current and their billing services guarantee an accurate 24-hour turnaround."

If your practice is missing out on potential revenue, experiencing various aging receivables issues, or if you feel your current billing practices are not meeting your expectations, call us today at (248) 327-6373 for a free assessment of your billing status.